03 Apr The channel about travels, nature and adventura “Biologist in the Net” has Logo!!

After several designs, and thanks to the vote for much of his supporters, followers and friends, the channel about nature, travel and adventure, “Biologist in the Net” already has a logo that represent it faithfully as you can see in the picture above.

The symbolism of the elements that comprise it is clear:

On the one hand we have the “salacot” (the classic nineteenth-century explorers hat), map and compass, symbolizing the great explorations and voyages of discovery.

On the other hand binoculars, an essential element for the biologist and field observer with the representation of fauna and flora through a climbing plant, a butterfly and its caterpillar, and a beautiful kingfisher, symbolizing the nature, the pillar center of this channel.

And to finish the big knife, which emphasizes, supports and sustains the phrase, “biologist in the Net”, and represents the essence of adventure, therefore sometimes the risk taken when crossing a jungle to reach an unexpoiled lanscape to learn the secrets of particular species or an unknow paradise.

Thus, this channel born in July 2015 and with just 9 months of existence already enjoyed more than 21 000 visits. The main objective of this channel is the dissemination of natural values ​​and protection, as well as keep alive the spirit of adventure in communion with nature and the wild world of the hand of its founder, the biologist Javier Marcos.

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